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    Application of Welding Technology in Machine Tool Industry

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    Machine tool industry is an important part of the machinery industry, is the machinery industry "chief technologist", is the basic industry of the national economy. Machine tools are machines that manufacture all machines, and their working accuracy is generally higher than the precision of machined parts. To this end, the technical level of machine tool products and service levels, the machinery industry product production technology and improve the economic benefits play a decisive role.
        Due to the extraordinary nature of the machine tool products determine the extraordinary structure of the machine. For decades, the casting structure has occupied the leading position of the machine structure. Casting process has been the leading technology for machine tool products. After the eighties, with the introduction of machine tool products continue to increase, the machine tool product structure is also more and more use of the welding structure to weld on behalf of the cast to welding forging to welding welding has become the total machine tool manufacturing development trend. Welding process has become an important base of the machine tool manufacturing process, and from a single processing technology has developed into a raw material, including pretreatment, cutting blanking, forming welding, post-weld inspection and post-weld treatment of a new comprehensive project technology. Completely changed the past decades casting structure "dominate the world" situation, machine tool manufacturing has been inseparable from the welding.
    one. The development of welding technology in the machine tool industry
        The development of welding technology in the machine tool industry is developed with the development of the welding structure of machine tool products. China's machine tool industry's leading products are metal cutting machine tool products, forging machinery products, casting machinery products, woodworking machine tool products, tool products, abrasive and machine tool accessories. Among them, metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery and casting machinery products is the machine tool industry, the main application of welding technology.
        The application of the welding structure of the machine tool products has changed the situation of the world in the past. The welding technology has gradually developed into the leading technology of the machine tool industry. It is mainly embodied in the following aspects:
        ⑴ part of the backbone enterprises have established a certain scale of the welding workshop or metal structure plant, and the establishment of a complete welding management system. Absorption and digestion of the introduction of the product welding process standards, the implementation of the national professional standards, developed a corporate standard.
        ⑵ improve the welding process, so that from a single processing technology developed from the raw material pretreatment, cutting blanking, forming, welding, post-weld inspection and post-weld treatment, such as a set of emerging integrated engineering technology.
        ⑶ CNC precision cutting and computer programming nesting technology has been applied, and changed the traditional manual cutting blanking, reducing the mechanical processing.
        ⑷ promote the use of CO2 gas and argon-rich gas shielded welding or submerged arc welding and other advanced and efficient new technology. Welding work in the backbone of the enterprise exceeded 50%, individual enterprises to more than 80%.
        ⑸ commonly used X-ray detection and ultrasonic non-destructive testing and other means to stabilize the inherent quality of the weld.
        ⑹ to promote the vibration of the new process, to reduce and homogenize the residual structure of the residual structure of the purpose of reducing the deformation of the welding parts, stabilize the accuracy.
    two. Welding mechanization, automation applications
        To achieve the mechanization of welding, automation is the machine tool industry, an important way to apply new welding technology. Machine tool welding structure is mostly complex box structure, in the current welding production mostly use the overall assembly, the overall welding process, to achieve automatic welding more difficult. If the machine tool welding structure of the assembly, welding into a process, together with the mechanized tooling and positioning machine, to achieve automatic welding is completely feasible.
        1. Automatic welding of welding gears
        Heavy forging equipment products of the transmission gear, the structure of the main components are radial, ring gear and eccentric shaft. The welding gear ring gear material for the 45 # or 40CrMo material, before welding to be preheated, after welding to heat treatment. Automatic welding can be used positioning machine, the first ring gear and the pre-assembled with the plate, fixed on the positioning machine. Then, the positioner is rotated continuously, the workpiece is preheated to 200 to 350 ° C with a flame preheater, and the positioner is automatically adjusted to a 45 ° angle position. Automatic welding is used for automatic tracking welding and the fillet welding The weld height of the weld to meet the design weld size requirements. At the same time, the inner weld is also automatically welded.
        Automated welding of such parts, will significantly improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce preheating in the furnace, after welding and other auxiliary hours. At the same time, also ensure the quality of welding.
        2. Automatic welding of box parts
        Machine tool welding structure is mostly complex box structure, the structure of the layout of a number of ribs, which makes automatic welding more difficult. If the box parts from the design to improve, in the welding flip machine on the side of the assembly side of the welding, the automatic welding is completely feasible. Such as the mechanical press of the column, the first board clamped in the large welding machine on the assembly platform, and then assembled tightening bolt support plate, all kinds of stiffeners and so on. The use of cross-operation automatic welding machine, welding tension bolt to support the corner of the fillet. The use of gantry automatic welding machine, welding all kinds of ribs fillet weld, the outer surface of the weld. Can be assembled once the assembly work, will reduce the two back-to-back assembly process, improve the welding productivity.
        At present, the machine tool industry, the development of welding technology is also moving towards high efficiency, automatic direction. Machine tool industry, the application of new welding technology has broad prospects, and vigorously promote the use of new and advanced welding technology and methods, is the responsibility of each of our welding workers, willing to welding new technology as soon as possible in the machine tool industry to promote, to be widely used.